Friday, January 6, 2012

It's the Little Things

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Accomplishing something big is a big deal...

But so is accomplishing something small.

Like most of you, I find it very easy to let little jobs pile up.

They seem either unimportant

or tedious.

I have no problem with big projects...then I am on top of the world!

But the little things always seem to be on top of me.

Then I finally set my mind to it and start picking away at the pile, and I start feeling really good.

Here are the little things I've accomplished lately:
- Washed all the sleeping bags and took two of them in for new zippers!
- Boxed up and/or shelved a bunch of loose items in the garage
- Returned the Christmas returns
- Dropped off a bag of clothes at the consignment shop
- Pruned the hydrangeas
- Tightened the screws on our wobbly barstools

But here are the little things I need to accomplish now:
- Write Christmas thank-you notes
- Clean off my office shelves
- Mending/hemming (sewing is not my favorite activity!)
- Pick up the sleeping bags from the seamstress!
- Replace the burnt-out light bulbs over my stove and in my bathroom
- Take my cell phone in to fix the cover

Remember, it's the "little foxes that spoil the vine."

And those little foxes are pretty sly...sneaking up on you, hiding out on you, running away from you

So I'm determining to "catch me those little foxes"

Because I want fruit in my vineyard!

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