Friday, January 13, 2012

DAY 5 - Daniel Fast

Okay, it's getting easier, isn't it?

Today is supposedly our last day of sunshine before a week of rain and maybe even snow.  I really wanted to go for a run this morning, but it was just so chilly that I wimped out.  I can't believe it when I wimp out because I lived 20 years in Canada and the winters were regularly -20, -30 and even days of -40, so when we're hovering above the freezing point I try telling myself that I would have thought it was a heatwave if I lived in Canada and would have loved getting outside in the "balmy" air.  Ahh, but I don't live in Canada anymore and I have thoroughly acclimatized to the Pacific Northwest, so I wimped out and did my work-out video inside.  But then later in the afternoon between job #1 and job #2, I talked my husband into going for a walk.  So I got two exercise sessions in, got my sun, and got to talk to my husband for 45 minutes!  Pretty good day!

I wish I had a better camera...this sunset was so vivid...
literally a hot-pink, almost red sky fanning out to
pink, mauve, lavender and then purple-blue
with a bright yellow spot where the sun was slipping
behind the hill.

While you're on the Daniel Fast, you should continue exercising as normal.  I honestly don't notice any lack of stamina.  I did a really good Zumba session last night and came home feeling great.  If anything, you should have more energy, not less!

Also, by now your body should have adjusted to no sugar.  Maybe you noticed you were just a teeny bit irritable the first few days?  That's pretty normal, as your blood sugar levels come down.  Some people say it's the spiritual part of the fasting process...just as your body rids itself of toxins during a fast, so does your spirit rid itself of spiritual toxins, like bad attitudes.  Probably both play a part.  Just another way to practice self-control and another reason fasting is good for you!

Today's menu is simple because I had to go to work!  My main job is working at home as a medical transcriptionist, but twice a week I go to the church to do the books, so on those days I eat a quick breakfast and pack a lunch.  The super-easy ABB sandwich and portable spinach dal are perfect for days like today!

BREAKFAST:  ABB Sandwich and a piece of fruit

LUNCH:  Spinach Dalh and a V-8

Okay, so it's not the most appetizing shade of green...
but I actually really like this!  I open the packet into a
paper bowl, heat it in the microwave for 1 minute,
grab a plastic spoon, and back to my desk for a pretty
good, super-quick lunch!

DINNER:  Soft Tacos!

I really hope you like refried beans, because they are replacing the meat.  If you don't, try using black beans, and if you don't like black beans, well, you won't be getting much protein tonight!

Start by heating up some sprouted brown rice (if you weren't able to find sprouted brown rice, use plain brown rice...just don't use white!).  Then heat up some refried beans, adding a dash of cumin and chili powder.  Saute some onions and peppers, and warm a couple sprouted tortillas.  Fill the tortilla with the rice, refried beans, and onions and peppers, and then add pico de gallo (or fresh diced tomatoes if you don't have pico), shredded lettuce, black olives, guacamole, and jalepenos (if you like the heat) then garnish with a fresh squeeze of lime.  Roll it up and, Ole!  So what if there isn't any meat, cheese or sour's delish!  Pour a glass of sparkling water with a splash of lime and you have the best Mexican food this side of the border!

Saute the peppers and onions on high until they
actually blister and form dark marks for that
"fire-roasted" look!

Throw your tortilla right on your stove top if you
have a flat surface.  They cook up nice and brown
without any oil.

Fill your tortilla with beans, rice and the sauteed veggies,
then add the cold toppings of pico, cilantro, black olives and guac
(If you have left-over beans, save them and re-heat them another day.
Use them as a bean dip with whole-grain tortilla chips when you
feel like a salty-crunchy-creamy snack!)

I used my Talavera plates from Puebla, Mexico.  These
are authentic, and I have the papers to prove it!  I've been
to the shop and watched them being painted.  I have 12 of them,
each one is different.  I love them!

You can't tell me that this doesn't look absolutely delicious!
Even Jeff, who normally doesn't touch refriend beans,
gave it a two-thumbs-up!


  1. Is there a brand of refried beans that you recommend? Don't most use Lard to make?

  2. Buy a brand that says, "vegetarian," which means it won't have lard in it.