Friday, December 30, 2011

The Week In Between

I love Christmas, as you all know by now, but I also love the week after Christmas.  All the pressure is off.  The food no longer has to be stored away for the big day but can be freely eaten (a little too freely, my scale tells me!).  The opened gifts are being enjoyed (loved my presents this year...even my stocking stuffers!!  Good job, Jeff and kids!).  The house can slip into something more comfortable.  The tree is still up and the music is still playing, but everything is a lot more mellow.  I don't do any bargain shopping or returns/exchanges at the malls but stay far, far away from the madding crowd.   I do have to work, but even that seems low key without the other regularly-scheduled events to squeeze my schedule. This is when our family pulls out the annual jigsaw puzzle (although sad to say I am the only one who enjoys it any more!).  This is when we stay up late just to visit with friends or watch a movie, and then sleep in the next morning.  This is when life hovers between holidays in a state of sweet suspension.  Sometimes it's just nice to kick back, put your feet up, sip a little more coffee and eggnog and just "be."

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  1. In the past, I didn't enjoy the "Week In Between." It meant that I had to go to work even though I was still reveling in the holiday spirit. But, so many other people were on vacation, no REAL work ever got done. If I'm in the office, I want to accomplish something! And, all the goodies that were received at the office were stale by this point. It just seemed pointless to go to work and pretend like something was being accomplished.

    It was always my dream to own my own business and close the office for the "Week In Between." Just give my employees an extra week of vacation. Of course, there's a financial loss incurred, but I think it should simply be figured into the annual budget.

    So this year, being unofficially unemployed, I have thoroughly enjoyed my "Week In Between." I managed to keep up with the chores, but I didn't sweat that the house was cluttered. I spent fun moments with the kids being silly, playing games, working on crafts, and going to free/cheap events. I slept in until 7am! And when the goodies got stale, I made fresh ones!

    Yes, the "Week In Between" was quite nice! Oh, and I, too, am working on a jigsaw puzzle... a very difficult one. ;-) (thanks!)