Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's a Wrap!

Mom's clean house, decorated so prettily!

Last night I wrapped presents at my mom's house.  This is our "new" tradition.  Since moving back to Oregon and being near my mom, we've had a chance to do things together that we couldn't do when I lived far away in Canada.  I pack up all the presents I've purchased, along with my bins of wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, gift bags and tissue paper, my box of scissors, tape, pens and labels and load everything into the car.  My minivan looks like Santa's sleigh!  Then we do this:  Mom makes dinner, I bring a movie.  We eat, watch a movie, and wrap, wrap, wrap the night away!

Mom's homemade spaghetti
This year, my niece Janelle joined us!

Halfway through, we have dessert!
Mom serves us Christmas baking
and our drinks in pretty glasses.

Almost done...and the house is a merry mess!
Gifts under the tree...except for Mom's and Janelle's, which I have to wrap this morning!
(The glowing lights at the bottom of the picture belong to the cat, not the tree!)

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  1. Such beautiful pictures Karyn. Looks like you all had a fun evening.
    Merry Christmas and of course a very Happy New Year.
    Love, Sasa