Saturday, January 5, 2013

From Feast to Famine

Tonight I ate my last I splurged at Little Big Burger.  I ordered a "gourmet" chevre burger AND fries with truffle oil.  Decadent.

Tomorrow begins my 21-day Daniel Fast.  When I came home tonight after a very long day, I felt like vegging awhile with my new catalog that came in the mail, but instead I whipped up a loaf of vegan, sugarless, whole-grain banana bread and filled the slow-cooker with steel-cut oats, apple chunks, nutmeg and cinnamon for breakfast tomorrow.

Last year I blogged every day of the Daniel Fast, so if you're really interested you can go back to the archives and read those posts.  Or, very soon I will have an e-booklet available on our church's web page (must finish it tonight!).

As much as I don't enjoy fasting, I do enjoy it.  Does that make sense?

After all the holiday helpings of rich, buttery, sugary foods, it seems my body begs for an overhaul.  I really want to fill myself with good things for the next three weeks.  I am looking forward to a time of discipline, focus, and spiritual strengthening.  For the next three weeks, I will forego all forms of sugar or sweeteners except fruit.  There will be no animal products of any kind...not just eliminating meat, but butter, yogurt, milk and eggs.  I will only eat whole-grain products, like sprouted bread and sprouted rice (a step above whole-wheat bread and brown rice)...nothing white or processed in any way.  I will say goodbye to my daily Stumptown coffee.  And I am going to experiment with even more raw foods this time around.  I even bought a raw foods cookbook!  On the spiritual side, I will eliminate secular entertainment, like movies and TV, and spend time reading and studying the Word and praying.  I may even get so radical as to fast the internet for a time!

Just as I boxed up the Christmas decorations and cleaned the house, so in my body am I putting away the festive food and "cleaning house."  Regeneration of body, soul and spirit.










  1. It's available on our church website: