Thursday, October 11, 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog

That is the question.

Since my last post almost 2 months ago, my schedule has spun into high gear and I just haven't had the time to sit down, think, and write.

Today I felt like I was starting to catch up on life, so I thought I might blog something short and sweet.  But when I logged on and looked at my blog, I saw what they call "stats."  After almost  a year of blogging I only have 20 followers.  My last entry had only 30 readers.  So either I have to step it up and put in a whole lot more effort to be relevant, interesting and follower-worthy, or I have to give it up and say bye to the blog.  I certainly have more than enough projects to fill my days, so letting go wouldn't leave me lacking fulfilment in any way.  But I have to say that many times I really enjoyed blogging.  Sometimes my head would be filled with stories and anecdotes that I couldn't wait to share.  It was fun to see my life through the eyes of my readers...and insightful too.  I learned a bit about myself, and I learned a bit about others who chose to comment, compliment or commiserate when they could relate.

And thus the dilemma.

Maybe it's just called writer's blog (I mean, block!). Or maybe I need a blog with a better know, buttons to click, links to follow, gorgeous graphics, give-aways, video clips, music and reader interaction.  Or maybe I should forget the blog and write a technology needed there!

So what is the answer to my multiple-choice question?  Maybe I'll sleep on it...


  1. I think you should continue to blog. I love reading all that you do. I would love to have the quick energy I use to have. I plan ahead, thinking what fun it would be to see the results of my "thinking"...time gets closer, and I wear down..."thinking", I wish I had not planned all those exciting plans. Enjoy now, time flies by quickly.
    Until then, I'm waiting to read your next blog.
    Love you, Sasa

  2. Dear Karyn,

    Our world tend to associate success with number, the biggest being the better. That said, I have truly enjoyed reading your blogs. I don't think you need to make it fancier but then again I am not sure what your goal is or was and, this is my perspective. It is fun to read your thoughts and you have such a gift with words. Did your night brings you dreams of what was to come next? No matter what ... I am with you and understand your dilemna. With the hope of reading you later ... have a wonderful day!

  3. You can't stop blogging. I forbid it :)..

    Did you know you can get your blog printed as a book? Whenever I start considering the numbers I remember that my blog is essentially my journal. A place to remember things for my family, my kids. I plan to get my blog printed yearly (which I should really do NOW). With that said, if you ever wanted a little help with design I would be happy to help! I'm no pro, but I know a few things..

    Love you,