Sunday, October 28, 2012

Popcorn and a Movie

I love popcorn.  It is my favorite snack...or maybe dinner!

I sort of like movies.  If they aren't silly, predictable, slapstick, unrealistic, sci-fi, horror, sports, or rated R.  (See why I only sort of like movies?)

Tonight is movie night.  It's pouring rain and dark outside, and all the kids are gone...yes, all gone at the very same time (that doesn't happen very often!).  So I am making a big bowl of popcorn in my special microwave bowl with a bit of butter/olive oil and sprinkled with brewer's yeast, and I am hauling out the ironing board and the ironing, some paperwork, and a project I'm working on for Kate in Bosnia.  I will do all those things while I watch the movie.  I have a very hard time justifying sitting in one place for 2 hours when there are so many things needing my attention.  But if I can settle down in front of the TV with a good project and great popcorn, I am content!

I also really dislike movie theaters.  Shall I name the ways?
- stuck in my seat for 2 hours without a project
- must listen to other people in the audience laugh when I don't think it's funny
- dangling feet because my feet don't touch the ground
- popcorn so salty it makes my lips pucker
- popcorn so buttery it makes my hands greasy and my stomach feel ill
- chilly movie theater
- can't curl up with a blanket
- must wear street clothes rather than slippers and sweats
- the cost

Home is the place for me...cozy in my favorite cushy chair in my comfy clothes with my own bowl of perfectly dressed popcorn on one side and a project on the other, watching a great movie that is suspenseful, makes me think, surprises me, has a little romance, makes the bad guy get it in the end, finishes strong and leaves me feeling good. (If you know a movie that fits that description, let me know!)

So that's Sunday night blog.  Jeff just turned on the TV and I've gotta get poppin'!!

I have this popcorn bowl as
well as a few others!
I LOVE popcorn!!

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