Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogging While Jogging

Yesterday I made my first blog entry, and afterward I couldn't stop "blogging" in my head.  I stirred the chili over the stove and blogged.  I sat at my computer trying to put together my lesson for the class I was about to teach and kept getting distracted by blog thoughts.  I drove home in the car with my husband and didn't have much to say, because I was blogging.  I put myself to sleep that night with bedtime blog stories.  This morning I woke up and quickly made my daughter's lunch, drove her to the bus stop, and then went for my run.  The whole time I ran I blogged.  In fact, I think I created a pretty remarkable story...if I could only remember it now, 7 hours later!  And the most amazing thing happened while on my morning run.  I kept running.  Literally...right past my normal end spot!  Now this may not sound very monumental to you, but you must realize that I don't really like running and I only do it out of sheer discipline.  I cheer myself around each corner, up each hill, to the next tree stand, until I finish my run.  I then reward myself with breakfast and the morning paper.  So for me to actually forget I was running and fly right by the end of my route means I was really, really into my story...actually living it instead of living the reality of my run.  All of a sudden I looked around, recognized my neighborhood, and came back to the present with the very same sensation of waking from a dream.  Wow!  Best run I've ever had!  I would have loved to have gone straight to my computer and pounded out that wonderful story, but the duties of my day demanded my attention.  So I'll have to tuck that one away in my mental file and pull it up another time.  But I must say I was very encouraged by this morning's experience...I never dreamed that blogging was the key to jogging!  Can't wait for tomorrow's run!


  1. Do you have a voice recorder on your phone? That is what I use when "important" thoughts come to mind while walking. Might be a tad harder while jogging and ... you might you use too much of your phone memory!

  2. goes again. Hopefully, this will go. Proud of you Karyn...good stories. Sasa

  3. worked! I want you to know what fun this is to read your blog. I am also reading Julianne's, which is so interesting also. Should I start one?? um...still contemplating.