Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Change of Seasons

Summer is over, and today is the official first day of fall...and it arrived with great gusto!  The weatherman actually said it would come in "with a roar," and right on cue the wind began blowing, tree branches snapped, the sky grew dark and heavy, and the rain came down fast and hard.

I really love summer, but I also love fall.  Rather than be torn between the two, I simply give my affections to both!  Although I'm always a little wistful when I put away the lawn furniture, clip the last of my hydrangeas, and forage for one final handful of blackberries, I actually welcome fall and all the glory that it brings...vivid color, golden light, crisp mornings, warm drinks, spicy treats, cozy sweaters, and misty mountains.

This year, there was a very sharp delineation between summer and fall.  Usually summer's long days and languid pace picks up gradually, until it finally gives way to the quicker march of the fall routine.  But this year we had a week of 90-degree weather under a hot September sun, then suddenly a cloudy curtain was pulled down over the bright light and the wind blew Autumn in overnight.  I went from fresh blackberries, sun tea and sheets on the line yesterday to slow-simmered boeuf bourguignon, a raincoat, and candles today!

This summer also brought a rapid change to the seasons of my life.  Kate returned from her year in Bosnia, unpacked, re-packed, and then left for college.  Tyler graduated from college and moved back home.  Anna left for a six-month mission trip to India.  Justin started an internship and began making plans to move out on his own.  In the space of two week's time I moved Kate into the dorms, looked online for apartments with Justin, saw Anna off to India, and lost my job.  Now wait...that certainly wasn't on the calendar!! Suddenly, with a lot less kids and a lot less money, Jeff and I began tossing around phrases like, "Maybe we should downsize."  "A 5-bedroom house is too big for one kid." "Maybe it's time for a change."  We haven't done anything...we're just mulling it all over.

The seasons of life are just so...seasonal.  And that is why each season should be savored for exactly what it is.  I want to give my affection to every season of my life.  I want to enjoy each one to the full and savor the sweetness and the bounty each brings.  And then, despite the wistfulness I may feel as I put away things no longer needed and bid goodbye to a season I love, I want to welcome the next season with anticipation and expectation.  I know it will bring color and warmth to my life, and I'm certain it will be both sweet and spicy!

I finish with this quote by a Turkish playwright.  I have no idea who he is, but I agree with his musing: 

“Love all the seasons, because every season has its own treasures! Winter does not own the treasures of the spring; the spring does not own the treasures of the winter! If you know only the autumn, you are poor; if you know only the summer, you are poor! To be rich, love all the seasons and live all the seasons! A wise and rich man is the one who knows all the treasures of all the seasons!” (Ildan)

And an even better quote:

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." (Ecc. 3:1)

Enjoy the change of seasons!  Give your affection to them all!

The first branch to change color!

Mist over the mountain

After the rain

Welcoming Fall with a
Browned-Butter Caramel Apple Cheesecake...

...made with these apples, gathered with
these early-fall fresh-picked fruits


  1. Great perspective on the big changes of life!

  2. As I read your Blog this a.m. (5:10) I hear the rain also, outside, and just a bit of wind. Nothing like our beach winds, but I know they will come eventually. I felt each of your seasons. I too, love each one "the best".
    Great reading Karyn. Thank you. I look forward to others coming.
    "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease". Genesis 8:22

    1. I love Fall. I know, I say that about all the seasons.
      Fall brings to mind, holidays. I think of Turkey, time with family, decorations....
      I love how it gets dark early. Love coming home to the smell of pot roast in the oven. The cool nights...wish I had a real fireplace..
      Thanks Karyn for painting a vivid picture of Fall....mmmm....Fall. :-)