Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dinner at a Hoarder's House (Proverbs 8 and 9)

We gain wisdom in two ways:

Direct = by personal experience

Indirect = by observing the experience of others

Sometimes, we have a choice...we learn by watching others and therefore we don’t have to learn by experience. But sometimes we don’t have a choice. Sometimes we are instructed without seeking instruction. Sometimes we experience without seeking an experience.

But through the course of our lives, whether we observe or experience situations, Wisdom cries out to us. Every aspect of our lives is a lesson. Do we learn our lesson and gain wisdom, or do we ignore the lesson and behave foolishly?

Chapter 8 -  The Excellence of Wisdom

Read Proverbs chapter 8:1-11. Wisdom is noisy and obvious...
- cries out
- lifts up her voice
- takes a stand
- cries out
- calls
- speaks
- opens lips
- speaks
- words of her mouth

Those who don’t hear or listen to the voice of wisdom are essentially putting their fingers in their ears to stop hearing. Foolishness is deliberate. So is wisdom. Neither are accidental. With every experience of life, Wisdom calls out to us...and we have a choice to hear and heed her voice or to ignore it and do our own thing.

Compare heeding or ignoring Wisdom’s call (read v.12-21)

Hear - Prudence, knowledge, discretion, fear of the Lord, counsel, sound wisdom, understanding, strength, authority, justice, love of God, riches, honor, righteousness, wealth, treasures

Ignore - evil, pride, arrogance, evil way, perverse mouth

Where did wisdom begin? You’d think it was the first time someone did something that caused hurt, pain or regret...was it the death of Abel? Or was it the fall of Adam and Eve? Or was it still in the Garden of Eden...perhaps Eve climbed a tree to reach for a piece of fruit on the far end of a branch and the branch broke and she fell...she would then have the wisdom not to lean on delicate branches! But life in the garden was perfect, so that probably didn’t happen! No, actually the beginning of wisdom was the beginning of time, the beginning of life, the beginning of being.

Read verses 22-31

Now read John 1:1-5 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God and the Word was with God...

God has always existed. God created. He is Wisdom. He was first before all else. He is our plumb line. Everything man has ever thought up or created has come second and is a result of either Wisdom or Foolishness (hearing, learning and heeding vs. not hearing, ignoring and disobeying). Gaining wisdom is a progression. The beginning of wisdom for each of us begins with a revelation of God...God the Creator and Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. That revelation gives us knowledge, and then we begin to understand...and our wisdom expands. Once we have that revelation of God, we then know we need a Savior, and that knowledge leads us to salvation. Once we are saved, we gain more wisdom as we learn how to love, worship and serve God. And as we begin to truly love, worship and serve the Lord, we gain more wisdom from His Word that teaches us how to love, worship and serve Him. Then as we grow in our wisdom through love, worship and service, we next learn how to apply principles to our daily lives...loving God means loving His people, and serving God is often most evident when we serve others. Finally, as we begin loving and serving others, we gain yet another layer of wisdom...practical insights...on how best to do that. The proverbs we are studying are an example of incorporating wise and practical counsel and advice into our lives. We are wise when we don’t just serve others, but when we learn how best to serve others...when we learn different ways to show love...practical points like how to love your husband, love your children, love your neighbor. And it all began with the wisdom that came when we first had a revelation of God.

What is the reward of wisdom? (v. 32-35) - We are blessed, we find life, we obtain favor

What is punishment for disregarding it? (v. 36) - We sin against our own souls, we love death

A lack of wisdom hurts us!

Chapter 9 - Queen Wisdom

In Eastern culture the queen prepared and hosted banquets for her guests. In this passage, the Queen is Wisdom.

- Wisdom builds a house (a house is a dwelling place, it is built new, not remodeled...we are a new creation, and the spirit of God dwells within us!)

- Wisdom hews pillars from a rock (our stability and foundation is The Rock, Christ!)

- Wisdom sets up 7 pillars (7 is the number of perfection...our lives are strong and in order)

- Wisdom provides meat and wine (meat is the doctrine of the Word of God, wine is the Holy Spirit)

- Wisdom furnishes a table (God’s abundant supply and provision for our lives)

- Wisdom sends out maidens (ministering servants to help us)

- Wisdom invites everyone in (salvation and grace are available to all who will receive!)

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

If you don’t feel very wise, then remind yourself of your awe and respect and devotion to the Lord...and wisdom will follow! The fear of the Lord prompts us to love more selflessly, obey more readily, give more generously, think more positively, forgive more freely, work more willingly, read and pray more diligently, worship more fervently, share more enthusiastically, understand more completely.

In comparison to the Queen of Wisdom is the Foolish Woman...

She also has a house. She also calls out. She lures and tempts, drawing us in by our own fleshly desires. But there is no life there. It is death and hell. Living life in the flesh goes the way of all flesh...death. Living life in the spirit goes the way of the spirit...abundant life!


The contrast is vivid...think of visiting a beautiful home and being invited for dinner. The food is exquisite and delicious. The table is set beautifully. The hostess welcomes you warmly at the door and invites you in. The servants move efficiently and quietly to serve you well. That is Wisdom’s home.

Now think of the TV show, "Hoarders." At the Fool’s house, she is also calling out to you to come in. She draws you by tempting you with something you secretly want and desire...something your flesh craves. You walk up the steps to her home. She opens the door and lets you in. The house is full of garbage...stacked high on all sides nearly to the ceiling. You climb over pile after pile until you find your way to the kitchen. There is no table. There are no chairs. The sink and counters are overflowing with dirty dishes and half-eaten, half-rotten food. You pick up a dirty bowl and fill it with food scraps from other plates, the counters, the cupboards and the fridge. That is your dinner. Sickness and death follow. We say we’d never do that, but every time we disobey that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’ve chosen to disregard Wisdom and do what is foolish, doing what we know we shouldn’t do...and the pleasure is short-lived. Misery is the end result.

So choose dinner at Wisdom’s house! Listen to her voice. Heed her call. Enter in to a place of beauty, rest and abundance. That’s the life God intends you to live!


  1. Karyn, this was so great. I have been wanting to study on Wisdom for quite some time. I love Proverbs 8. This verse really made me go, "WOW"
    Prov. 8:23 "I have been established from everlasting.." Before there was ever an earth, He knew me. My life, my heart and my desires. Very good. I think I will be camping here for awhile. Thank you Karyn. I love you. Sasa

  2. I kind of skimmed this, but I really adore how you use your own house as beautiful, clean house (which it is, don't get me wrong! But I just find it funny :P ).